Welcome to the Nogsport Audi Forum!


Nogsport is an Audi enthusiasts forum which was established by a small group of petrol heads in 2010. 

The forum is free to join with no membership fees. We have members from all over the UK and Worlwide. 

We attend annual Audi and German Car events, just look for the nogsport banner and come over for some banter. 

Our forum members have all types of audis ranging from classic UR quattros to 90 quattro sport and Coupes. Some of our members have heavily modded cars, others are completely standard, but all are die hard audi enthusiasts. 

So join up for free, get involved and show us your Audis! 

The Nogsport Team


Just some of the shows we have attended

Farmer Phils 2014


ADI 2013


Stanford Hall 2012



Tatton Park 2012



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